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White, Blue & Pink

The 80’s; what a time to Pop!

what a time to Rock!

what a time to have Fun!

Pop Brute didn’t live on the 80’s (born almost 40 years later). But still; the 80s flow seen in pictures seemed somehow spectacular enough for the first season’s of popbrute.com design. All that energy, color-chaos and enjoyment of this era was highly tied to what Pop Brute stands for (check the  Manifiesta ).

80’s where super-duper coloured… so why choose pink & blue?

Pink represents caring, compassion and love. This color stands for unconditional love and understanding between people and is associated with giving and receiving care. While blue represents both the sky and the sea (Zürichsee 😉 ) and is associated with open spaces, freedom, imagination, expansiveness and inspiration.

The combination colors + 80’s aesthetic = simply perfect.

These colors inspired the first featured souvenir: Gato

PS: watch out being Big in Japan!