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The Manifiesto(a)

“Que comience la fiesta!”

Things are amazing! You can use them, take care of them, collect them, remember by them, love them and eventually destroy them. They have power and meaning, while at the same time they give the beholder power and meaning.

A gift can be tied to another person, a memento to a moment and a souvenir to a place and time. That’s why Pop brute lives in so called “souvenirs”, is things that are tied to this moment in time while also tied to the wonderful city of Zürich*. *and if given a a gift: even tied to somebody.

Popbrute’s souvenirs mix outside cultures with the Zürich essence – making it it’s own.

Pop Brute’s message is of love, unity, happiness and fun. Letting people know that they belong. They belong to their home, to their street and to their city -The feelings of a “Fiesta” where everyone is invited-

All souvenirs are unique, yet still part of a bigger thing! Therefore connecting each of the owners.

Now, adventure through the city of Zürich with your eyes wide open: and say hi to Pop Brute as you find it.