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Pop Brute is open for business!

…but what does this mean? Pop Brute doesn’t sell physical goods or services (at least not now). Pop Brute is an organization of like-minded people who follow the Manifesto. Therefore, the procedure to join Pop Brute, communication and remuneration work differently.

How can you communicate with Pop Brute?
Instagram direct messages to the @Popbrute account. By looking at the Instagram’s feed; a person trying to contact is validated as “real” and can be recognized as a good fit to join Pop Brute. It is recommended to start the conversation with an explanation on why you’d like to join Pop Brute and how you’d like to support.

What can you for Pop Brute?
The Careers page is regularly updated and will let you know what kind of skills are sought for the next Souvenir! New positions will also be posted on @Popbrute Instagram’s Stories.

How can you get “hired”?
After contacting @Popbrute; depending on your skills; art material, photography supplies and instructions will be provided.*

How will you get remunerated?
Remuneration will be done with payment on souvenirs and social media recognition. No money/cash transactions will be done.

*Pop Brute is not liable in the result of individuals using the site or its content: for any unlawful purpose nor to solicit others to perform or participate in any unlawful acts.