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Wow! you are here, I’m sending you a virtual hug!

I have many friends, (hundreds of thousands); but I can put you on my top list if you are a:

  • Photographer (or photo enthusiast): Someone that can take nice pictures: the nicer the better
  • Translator: you work in German, talk to your mom in Italian, have a French lover and check the news in English?
  • A REAL ARTIST: let us Collab and check how “:P” fit your amazing creations?
  • Skateboarder, Parkour Practitioner or Street Dweller: you know the city of Zurich like the palm of your hand – show it to me
  • Model: U-R-B-tiful, we would like to take pictures of you around things
  • You: can send me love letters & cat pictures, share my stuff on social media and be your amazing self

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